Tokyo Toy Show 2014


Hey guys! As I slowly catch up on my blog posts I’ve decided to start doing videos~ My posts are filled with pictures these days so I thought it’d be better. Let me know what you guys think. My first video is a little rough (didn’t realize it was shot in landscape mode >.<) but with each video I’ll definitely get better! Hope you guys enjoy~


Thanks for reading and watching :D

7 responses to “Tokyo Toy Show 2014

  1. 😃Oh wow!! Loved the video!! Great job Ariel!! The background music is quite nice too! Were the toys on sale? So many Kawaii stuff! You must have spent hours there! I would!! Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to more videos in the future. ( maybe you could add some narrative too?😊)
    Well Done!👍

    • Thank you so much, some toys were on sale but most were just to show upcoming toys of 2014. I got a bunch of free stuff but I’m pretty happy I didn’t buy anything XD there was too many toys there I would have been broke. But this Toy Show is every year and its free to go check out.

      • I am sure the free stuff that they gave you must be very nice too.😄 You must really look forward to go to this Toy Show every Year.😊 Just so many things to explore and to look at..😃

  2. Thanks for the awesome video Ariel! Omg, those adorable cylindrical animals are called what at 0:49?! I didn’t know the Funko Pop! figures were popular in Japan. I also can’t believe they had The Goonies merch! That movie’s amazing!

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